The Sprouts  LbNA # 27937 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2006
CountyContra Costa
LocationLafayette, CA
Planted ByTNTS    
Found By The Nerdy Slow Poke
Last Found Jul 27 2009
Hike Distance?

Letter Box is now missing will replace soon (6/26/2010)

This box is located along the trail around the Lafayette Reservoir. Admission to the reservoir is free, however, you may have to pay to park. One quarter in the meter is 15 min. The total walk around the lake is ~2.75 miles and the box is located 3/4 way around. Along the trail you may see some turkeys, ducks, deer, and even a Bald Eagle now and then. The main office has a list of several different birds that can be found in the area. You can pick up a guide and check off the birds in the guide you spot along the way. Trout fishing is great too! After you park you begin by facing the water on top of the dam. Start walking to your left if you are facing the water, this is the clockwise direction. Along the way you will notice some small brown wooden markers with yellow numbers on them. These markers tell you about a particular tree or vegetation of interest. As you begin your walk you will pass the children playground on the left, then some public rest rooms also on the left. Continue walking and you will pass "Marker 26" on your right. Stop and take in the beautiful view of the lake. Continue walking and you will pass another public rest room on your left. Keep going until you start heading up a small incline on the path. On your left you will see "Marker 18" in front of a big live oak tree. (There are other directions to a letterbox in this area see web site). You continue along the trail until you come to an opening west-southwest of the lake. The opening has a small Redwood grove next to the trail. If you continue walking and you find the wooden marker number 9 you have gone too far. There are some benches in the Redwood grove. Look for a bench that has the name “David S. Roberts” on the memorial plaque. Sit down and rest your feet, your journey is almost over. While you are resting you will notice a group of five Redwood trees at the 2 o'clock position. In the middle of the five trees you will find the letterbox. I hope you enjoyed the trip!