Petroglyph Beach  LbNA # 2795

Placed DateSep 12 2002
LocationWrangell, AK
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The first-ever letterbox in Wrangell, Alaska, was planted on September 12, 2002, by mlg.

This box was planted on Petroglyph Beach. It does not contain a pencil. Because this box is an orphan, after you stamp in, could you please send me a note about its condition at Thanks and happy trails!

Walk down the ramp to Petroglyph Beach.

If you come at high tide, less of the beach will be exposed (and thus virtually none of the petroglyphs), but you might still be able to stamp in to the box. But it's really best to come at low tide. Check the tidal tables at this link on the Wrangell Chamber of Commerce Web site:,+AK

From the spot on the beach that lines up with the red and white diamond marker in the water, walk 60 paces to your left away from the ramp. The 60 paces may not be a straight shot unfortunately; depending on how close to the water you are when you start your paces, you may have to step over rocks and logs along the way.

The box is hidden underneath a rusty sheet of metal surrounded by several logs. One of the logs around the box, unlike most of the other logs on Petroglyph Beach, still has some of its root system attached.

The box is attached to a stringer so that it won't float away during an unusually high tide. Make sure you place the box back in the plastic bag with no holes and that you completely seal it. Then make sure that you put the entire package in the plastic bag that the stringer is attached to.

Make sure the package is placed far enough back under the metal piece so that it is completely hidden from view. And kick some sand over the stringer so that it will be hidden, too.