Telles II  LbNA # 27959

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Placed DateDec 31 2006
CountySanta Cruz
LocationPatagonia, AZ
Found Byhappy hikers (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 16 2015


Difficulty: Easy
Distance: Drive-up
Stamp: Hand Carved (Same stamp as Telles, different location)

At milepost 16 on route 82, just south of Patagonia, is a popular shrine dedicated to the safe return of soldiers from war.

From the plaque at the shrine:
Telles Family Shrine
Begun 1941
Erected by Juanita and Juan Telles
Based on a vow to God for the safety
of their sons in war
Rededicated November 18, 1988
Primeria Alta Historical Society

To find the box:
To the right side of the "Overnight parking camping prohibited" sign are a number of white rocks along the pavement of the parking area. Between these rocks, there is a trail that goes down and around the base of the hill. Go 60 paces down the trail until you will see on the right a large white rock next to a fallen tree trunk. Sit on this rock and locate a mesquite tree bleeding black from its trunk at 15*. 12 paces takes you up to this tree. 2 paces to the right sits a pinkish rock about 1 ft by 1 1/2 ft in dimension. Look under the rocks on the up hill side for the box. Please rehide well.

The standard warning applies when reaching for letterboxes in Arizona:
Rattlesnakes and “mean” things abound,
please take a stick and poke around.
It may save your hand or your life
and help to avoid loads of strife!