Waa Kee Sha  LbNA # 27961

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationOswego, IL
Planted ByMama Llama    
Found By Boys V
Last Found May 18 2014
Hike Distance?

Child & dog friendly. Take a compass and ink. Hand carved stamp.

At the playground of Waa Kee Sha park, you will see two trails entering the woods. Take either path (they both end up in the same place). Continue past the trail marker post that has no number until you see a fallen tree that is just left of the trail and parallel to it.

On the right of this, you will see a pile of trees that resemble fallen Lincoln Logs. Only one Lincoln Log lies atop another, forming a "corner" of the log cabin. Under this "corner" you will find Box 1.

Return to the trail. Take a right when the trail forms a "T." Continue on the path and you will see a pond and homes ahead. Before the pond, you will see a tree with a hiding hole about three feet off the ground. Take a right at this tree to find Box 2.

Logs and branches placed informally along the the sides mark the trail here. Look on the left for a large, tall, split tree. Stand with the tree to your back and take a compass reading of 110 degrees. Take 17 paces to the tree that holds Box 2.

Return to the trail. Continue and you will see a fence on your left and a stream bed ahead of you. Before the stream bed to the right is a tree that looks like the hands of clock showing 1 o'clock. To the right of the 1 o'clock tree is a fallen tree. On the right of this fallen tree is Box 3.

Cross the stream bed and leave the woods. The playground is on the right.