Red Hot Chili Peppers  LbNA # 27963

Placed DateDec 31 2006
CountySanta Cruz
LocationTubac, AZ
Found By Baqash
Last Found Feb 3 2016
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: Drive-up
Stamp: Hand Carved
Status: Alive and well as of 04-January-2014

From Tucson: Take 1-19 south about 43 miles to Tucacacori National Park for a starting point.

Tumacacori Park contains the adobe ruins of a Spanish mission. Father Kino first visited the small, Pima village in 1691. His successor's continued his works and teaching.
Franciscan Father Narciso Guitirrez was determined to build a church as splendid as San Xavier. Although never completed (and not a beautiful as the White Dove of the Desert) Tumacacori was in use by 1822. However, the new Mexican government soon began to evict all foriegn missionaries and the last priest was hauled off in 1828.
Tumacacori fell into ruins but was given national monument status in 1908 and full national park status in 1990. Please enjoy the self-guided tour, the displays/ panaromas, and the reflection garden.

To the box:
Located .1 miles from Tumacacori is the hottest spot in Santa Cruz County. In ONE HOT MINUTE, you will know if you're in the right place if you see Pedro dozing on the roof. He's one FREAKY STYLEY piece of kitschy folk art, isn't he? Also, beware of falling palm fronds. (BY THE WAY, there is a Western musuem that is free to the public if you're not already museumed out.)
Locate the Bank of Spices. Stand, facing the road, between the "teller's" window and the slab of concrete on the ground. Walk 40 steps at 80* to 90* from north to the 2 elevated agaves. Walk 25 steps at 5* from north to the middle mesquite tree. You will find the box UNDER THE COVERS of the rock furthest north.

Please, please be discreet when finding and rehiding this box. Also, please make sure to double bag and replace lid properly so the logbook does not get wet.