Bump On A Log  LbNA # 2797 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 16 2003
LocationCentreville, VA
Found By FamilyMan
Last Found Nov 8 2004
Hike Distance?


Box adopted by Rich Aug 2003.
And Scarab in June 2007.

This letterbox is located near historic Walney Park.
Directions: The park is split into two areas: the visitor's center and Cabel's Mill, a short drive South on Walney road. Across the street from Cabel's Mill is Walney Pond. Park here by the street.

Cross the foot bridge across the pond. You'll see a sign marked TRAILS. Follow the trail to another bridge crossing a small creek.

At the end of the bridge, the trail divides. Follow the trail on the right. This trail leads up a hill.

Head NW on the trail.

After traveling approximately 500 yards, you will notice a trail marked SERVICE on your left. Do not take this trail.

Continue on the trail until you happen upon a fork in the trail. Take the trail that bears left.

Continue on this path until you come upon another fork in the trail.Again, take the trail that bears left.

Follow the trail west until the trail begins to slope downward.

You will notice pieces of wood wedged like stairs in the ground. Take these steps down the trail.

At the bottom of the stairs, the trail you've been following ends. If my directions have been followed correctly, you'll notice a bridge leading to a path on your right. To the left there is a sign saying POND. Take the trail that leads to the left.

A couple hundred feet down the trail you will notice a large felled tree. The trail bisects this tree. You'll know you've arrived when the left-hand (east-facing) part of the tree leads you to a very large (8-10 ft.) stump. The box is somewhere in the stump.

When you find the box, please take it and move away from it's hiding place. Stamp your pad and, if you have your own stamp, please stamp my book.

Hope you enjoyed your search for Bump on a Log. Happy Letterboxing!

Original placer: rmmd1@aol.com