Bookworm Letterbox of the Back to School series  LbNA # 27980

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationCabot, AR
Planted ByMustangsally    
Found By Butterfly Jane
Last Found Feb 16 2009
Hike Distance?

This is very easy.

Drive to the Arlene Cherry Memorial Library (Cabot Public Library)at 506 N Grant Street in Cabot. Try to park in the parking lot to the right hand side of the library (there are two entrances to the library, this would be the second entrance). If you parked at the Senior Center, you went to far. To the right of the building is a grouping of 4 trees (right in front of the handicap parking spaces). Take a compass reading from inside of the four to find 300 degrees. Follow that direction to find trees of three. Walk to the three and while standing in the middle of those three, face 254 degrees. Walk 4 paces in that direction to find the small letterbox behind the short dead thing. Hint: don't be scard, it's got more bark than bite. The letterbox is quite small and hidden behind more bark.

Stamp up and please hide well. This is our very first box -- and apparently the first in Cabot. Please contact me if the box is missing.

Happy Boxing!