Slow and Slimy  LbNA # 27984

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationLexington, NC
Found By ammie
Last Found Feb 18 2007
Hike Distance?

You are trying to find me - a gastropod!! I'm not sure where I live - either Thomasville or Lexington - Maybe both. I hear lots of ducks and playful children. I even hear boats and occasional fishing stories. I slithered off the beaten path this winter to find a place to hibernate. I usually hang out with my friends underneath the rocks by the piers but this year I headed left. I've heard wooden hotels are cozier than the reservoir rocks. I kept moving along past the brick building. I was looking for the forest but couldn't see it for all the trees. OOH-AAH! Woodn't you know it. Stumps, Stumps, everywhere! I headed in and headed up(I didn't want to get sliding too fast towards the water). OUCH! I slid right into this shiny silver tube thingy and cracked my shell. I knew I needed rest and soon. I continued in my same direction and there it was. Home Sweet Home.