The #2 Letterbox of the Back to School series  LbNA # 27985 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationCabot, AR
Planted ByMustangsally    
Found By Team Steam
Last Found Mar 10 2007
Hike Distance?

This Letterbox is missing. Attempts to replace are currently under way. Thanks

This is a very easy find.

Drive to the Cabot Park at 502 Richie Rd. This road is off of Rt. 367 which can be accessed from the first cabot exit (take very first cabot exit - when coming from Little Rock - this exit forces you to the right -- away from the bridge -- go left at the light and follow that several miles. you can start looking for the road after you pass the elementary school on the right. If you get to Sonic, you've gone to far). When in doubt, visit and plug in 502 Richie Rd., Cabot, AR.

The parking to the play area is on the left just after the Babe Ruth ballpark. Park here and notice the small white poles with ropes that run along the front of the parking area. follow those ropes to the end of the parking area to find a nice walking path. Take a stroll on this path til you come to a T. Go right and cross the cute little bridge. You'll come apon an intersection with a red bench near by. Don't sit down yet! It's really not far. Go straight through the intersection. From the middle of the intersection, walk 33 paces (one pace is two steps. Mind, I'm a mere 5'4" so you may only need 30 paces if you're tall) you'll find two trees close to the path on your left side. Walk to the back of that second tree and see if you can find the very well camoflaged small hole at its base. You'll find a small film canister in the hole. Congratulations! You found it! Stamp up, and please re-hide (you'll want to be discrete - there are often people walking this path). Now you can enjoy the rest of your walk. It's a nice little path and some of the trees are labeled with it's formal name.