Coyote Walk (Sesnon Trail)  LbNA # 27986 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2007
CountyLos Angeles
LocationNorthridge/Porter Ranch, CA
Planted ByZoofamily    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Apr 25 2010
Hike Distance?

****FYI: Keep small dogs close by and on a leash. We had a close call with our mini-dachshund a few years ago.****

To find this letterbox you'll drive to the northernmost end of Reseda Blvd. Ahead you will see Porter Ridge Park (AKA E.T. Park). Turn left onto Sesnon Blvd. then immediately right on Kirkcolm St. and right again on Muirkirk St. On your right you will see the park again, but go past it. Muirkirk turns into Ormskirk at the park, so continue on Ormskirk until it ends in about 1 block and a half. Park there at the dead-end. You will see a trail marker that says "Sesnon Trail to Lime Kiln Cyn." with an arrow pointing left (west). Take that trail. On your left you will see grassy hills and on your right you will see the backyards of the houses that back up against the trail. Go past 21 backyards and across from the 22nd yard, on your right hand side, you will see several drainage ditches converge together into a huge cement funnel, which we call the bottomless pit. A chain link fence surrounds the "bottomless pit" and in front of the fence on the south side is a tree. At the base of the tree's north side, you will find this box. The box is hiding under a large rock and a small rock. Please replace and cover so that the box is hidden as much as possible. Thank you.

To get back to your car, you might want to continue on this trail past 4 more houses until you get to a small residential street. Keep going straight following the trail. It lets you out where Tampa Ave. ends. If you turn left on Tampa and left again onto Sesnon you will eventually run into E.T. Park and you can walk up the hill following Muirkirk back to where you parked.

There is another letterbox nearby. It's called "E.T. Phone Home." I suggest you look for that one also or beforehand. It has a beautiful, hand-made stamp of the E.T. logo; the one with E.T.'s finger and the moon.

If you are interested in a VERY SHORT walk to Coyote Walk letterbox you can park at the northernmost end of Tampa Ave and take the trail east. You will pass a dead end street on your right and then as you continue up the trail you'll pass 4 backyards on the right with the grassy hills on your left. You'll see the "bottomless pit" on your left. At the closest part of the chain link fence you will see the crevice and you can follow the same directions as above to find the box.

Please replace the box as you found it. Enjoy!