Presidential Series: Herbert Hoover  LbNA # 27987

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationWest Branch, IA
Found By Kruseboxers
Last Found Jun 5 2011
Hike Distance?

A special thank you goes out to Bonnie for rescuing this box from the Herbert Hoover park staff. Because of your going out on a limb, I hope many others will have a chance to find this special stamp. Thank You!!

This box has a hand carved stamp, bring your own stamp pad.

From I80 head north to the stop sign, turn right.

Go to 2nd street, turn left.

Go to "T" turn right.

Over bridge, park to the left next to the "Hoover Nature Trail" head.

This is an easy walk, very level trail with crushed lime stone surface. You will walk approximately 3/4's of a mile, past the old rail road signals to a wooden bridge.

Don't cross the bridge, go down the left side there is a large stone. Herbert Hoover has found a quiet spot to fish, one of his favorite past times. He is underneath the north side of the stone covered with small rocks.

Please re-hide and cover completely so that his quiet fishing spot isn't discovered by anyone else.

This box is underneath the same rock as a Geocache. There is more than enough room for the two of them. I ask that you try to keep the Cache on the outside, so that if a cacher comes looking for it they don't pull out a letterbox instead. Let them find the Cache, but rest assured there is a letterbox deeper under the rock!!