Save The Princess! Series  LbNA # 27994

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationYachats, OR
Planted ByTeam Springamajack    
Found By funkymunky
Last Found Aug 29 2012
Hike Distance?

Traveling north or south Highway 101 near the town of Yachats you will find Neptune Beach. Across the highway you will see a sign for Cummins Creek Trailhead.

Turn up the road. There are two trails the first is just 1/4 mile up the road the next is just a but further. Travel up till you reach a fairly large parking area.

Box #1- R.O.U.S.

Approx. 46 steps up the trail from the sign you will see two tall douglas firs on the right of the trail. Behind those 2 is a stump. Look in the base of the stump to find the Rodent of Unusual Size.

Box #2- The Shrieking Eels

Continue up the trail for a bit. Look for a fallen giant chair. Have a seat and look across the path. At the top of the debris under sticks you will spot a shrieking eels. Be Careful!

Box #3- The Dread Pirate Roberts

Keep walking up the trail. After quite a long ways you will spot a VERY large giant in the distance sloping toward the path. Make your way to that giant and you will see that there are 2 trees. Look at chest level in the base of the second tree. The Dread Pirate Roberts is hidden in a cubby hole covered in lots of sticks.

Hope you enjoy the hike. This trail does loop around but it's about a 4-5 mile hike.

Happy Hunting!