"4 of a Kind" (#1)  LbNA # 28003 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 30 2006
CountyContra Costa
LocationClayton, CA
Planted ByBlackmagic    
Found By ETKA
Last Found Feb 25 2010
Hike Distance?

The location of this Letterbox is in Clayton, CA, near the Oakhurst Country Club. You need to find the trail entrance to the Black Diamond Trail. There is a small parking lot, which can only be accessed in the western direction.

Before you start down the trail you must take down the number on the “FIRE TRAIL” sign (The sign has a White background and has Red letters), which is on the fence next to the entrance to the trail.

Be sure to fill in the missing number from the sign: “11- _ _”

This number will be used later in the clue.

Once you find the beginning of the trail, you need to hike approx .9 miles on a relatively flat trail. You will pass by the 18th hole (on your left side) of the Oakhurst Country Club on your hike, as well as some cows along the way.

When you get to the .86 mile mark on the trail you will come two posts that designated the entrance to a side trail on the right side.

At this point, stand in the middle of the trail, between the two posts, and take a compass bearing of 90 degrees and take approx (Fill-in Number from the FIRE TRAIL Sign)

“ _ _ “ steps, to a post.

Then follow a compass bearing of 195 degrees from this post to a tree, which will have the find, it is located on the ground under a rock and some sticks and leaves.

It will be on the East side of the tree.

You will need a compass to locate.