New Year's Eve 2006--missing  LbNA # 28011 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2006
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Found By Lunar Lady
Last Found Mar 30 2007
Hike Distance?

This box has been reported found open with contents missing. We are removing it from circulation. Sorry!

This is an easy box to find.

It is located in Eagle Creek Park. There is an admission charge, I believe $4/car. Enter the park from the 56th Street main entrance. This is located between Reed Road and Dandy Trail on 56th Street, near the Indianapolis Colts training facility.

From the gatehouse, travel approximately 1.5 miles, always staying on the main road. Try to find a playground on your right. Park or enter the parking lot of the playground; begin at the far side of the lot, in front of the bathroom facility.

From the edge of the lot, find the grassy path that follows the tree line on the left. You should always have a clear view of the playground to your right or behind and to your right. As you start along this path, you will pass a series of landmarks in quick succession on your right. They are: a tree stump, a tree clump, a single tree near the path, another tree clump, and finally a tree ring, or circular growth of trees. Enter the tree ring!

Once inside find the largest tree. It is the one that has divided into many trees. Look inside the juncture of these divergent tree branches. The box should be there buried among the leaves.