Tartan Territory  LbNA # 28025

Placed DateDec 31 2006
LocationPittsburgh, PA
Found By fishouttawater
Last Found Oct 5 2009
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This box is part of our "school mascot" series that we are working on. Others in the series so far:

- Saxon Territory
- Spartan Territory

The email had proven to be untraceable. All I knew was that it arrived in the early hours of the monring, promising to reveal the true secret behind the fastest buggies at Carnegie Mellon University. My mind reeled with the possibilities. Was it the aerodynamics? Perhaps there was a push bar innovation. The email didn’t say but left instructions to a dead letter box.

They started at the base of Margaret Morrison and Tech Streets. The anticipation of race day hung in the air as I climbed the hill between the gymnasium and business school. Was I about to learn the training regimen for elite pushers? I’d never know unless I continued through the hill 1-2 transition and beyond the line where the buggy was propelled into the freeroll.

Performance in the freeroll was all in the hands of the driver. I followed the path of the buggies down Schenley Drive. On the right was a spot where the stone wall changed colors. The email told me to stop there and pull out my compass. There was supposed to be a standing dead tree at 10 degrees. I spied it, climbing the wall and scrambling up the bank to the knobby trunk. By this time I was convinced that the secret had something to do with the driver.

I reached my hand into the crevice in the tree and pulled out a box. Inside I found… well, you need to find out for yourself. (be sure to bring a pen and stamp pad, as the letterbox has neither) Make sure you re-hide it well, too.

I thought about what I found as I followed the buggy course down Schenley Drive past the conservatory. I turned hard through the chute and counted the windows as I flew up Frew Street. Hills 3, 4, and 5 were a long climb, but I picked up speed as I went. Crossing the finish line, I held out my hand, imagining the feel of the push bar beneath it and knowing that the course record would soon be shattered.