Vigna Unguiculata  LbNA # 28026 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationWesterville, OH
Found By Bluevelvet
Last Found Aug 11 2009
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Vigna Unguiculata, cow pea, or more commonly known black eyed pea is an important food legume crop in the semi arid tropics of Central and South America, Africa, southern Europe and Asia. This drought tolerant plant, adapted to the drier regions, also is grown in the southern United States where it is served as a traditional side dish to the New Year's dinner. Origins of the black eyed pea custom have as many variations as there are ways to prepare the beans. One popular story tells that during the Civil War, the South's food supplies were exhausted and the population ate the humble cow peas to survive and they became a symbol of humility, hope and prosperity. Some say the peas ward off the evil eye and bring good luck. The peas are also seen as "coins" and when served with cabbage or greens for the "bills" symbolize prosperity and good fortune for the New Year. Here is to good luck and prosperity for your New Year.*


(This park is located at Hoover Reservoir and is in the general vicinity of the Stuft Inn Hitchhiker Hostel.)

Take Sunbury Rd. north to Central College Rd. Turn right (east). Turn left into the park – Picnic Shelter #3 will be on your left. At the stop sign, turn right; follow the signs to the Nature Trail and park there. Be wary of disc golfers and joggers.

Take the gravel path at the north end of the parking area. At the fork in the trail, bear right. Follow this trail as it twists and turns through the woods (about 1/4 mile). You will pass a couple of benches, and eventually come down the path toward the water. At the end of the path is a beautiful spot to sit and have a snack or just take in the view – this is also a great place to watch a summer evening’s sunset. Start back up the gravel path, but bear right again. Approximately 14 paces from this intersection in the trail you’ll notice a large split-trunk tree on the east side of the path (1 pace = 2 steps). “Vigna Unguiculata” is waiting for you in the base of a fallen tree 5 paces east of that tree.

Recover well and please contact us if any repair is needed. The trail continues on and loops back to the parking lot where you began.

* Although the owners wish you and yours a very prosperous and healthy 2007, we assume no responsibility for any luck, good or otherwise, that you may experience during the upcoming year.