How Did Santa Get Home?  LbNA # 28039 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 3 2007
LocationVersailles, KY
Planted ByThe Merry Poppins'    
Found By The Hobbits
Last Found Mar 19 2007
Hike Distance?

Santa's mode of transportation should be an easy find but,if you don't follow the clues, you might get left behind. If you visit Versailles, Kentucky coming from the east, you will be traveling on US 60/Versailles Road. Once you see the 'Welcome to Versailles' sign on your right, you will watch for the fork in the road. You should veer towards the right which is 'The Bypass'. Now, go to the second light and turn left on Douglas Avenue. You are almost there. To the left you will see a park. Park in the parking lot provided to the left. From the parking lot you will see two small bridges. Go to the one closest to you. Instead of going over the bridge, look under it on the right side. There you will find Santa's means of travel. Please make sure container is shut tightly. Happy Hunting. The Merry Poppins Family