Lake Lily  LbNA # 28044

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateJan 2 2007
LocationMaitland, FL
Found By haniwa
Last Found Jan 15 2010
Hike Distance?

8-8-08 UPDATE: Box 2 is missing again and Box 3 has some water damage. Due to construction we are waiting to replant box 2. We'll try to get to repairs on box three but if you get to it before us please provide a little TLC. Thanks!

4/21/07 UPDATE: We received a couple of messages that box 2 had gone missing. We checked today and indeed it was so we replaced it. It is smaller than the others in the series now, but not quite a microbox. It was busy in the park today so we didn't get as many leaves covering it as we would like. If you find it please make sure it is hidden really well. Thanks.

Lake Lily is in Maitland, FL. Off of 17-92 turn onto S. Maitland Ave. and park in the parking lot near the lake. This has been a special place to us since we moved to Florida. There is a gazebo and a couple of picnic areas if you want to get all 3 boxes and then stamp in at a table before re-hiding. Park also features playground, restrooms, and historical markers. There are usually lots of hungry ducks so a bag of bread is a good accessory to this letterboxing adventure.

If you are interested, the Historic Waterhouse Residence Museum is open Noon-4 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. (See holiday hours for days closed.) Tour prices are $3 for adults, $2 for children. You don’t have to pay to go to the museum to find the letterboxes.

This park is often used for city-wide events and twice yearly arts festivals. While you might want to partake of some of these events, there will be WAY too many muggles to letterbox with any safety. Check the city of Maitland’s web site to see if there are any big events planned:

BOX #1
From the info kiosk, set off SW on Lake Lily Drive.

You will pass a playground and restrooms on your right.

Go up the steps to the Maitland Garden Club House. If you are lucky, the rose bushes will be in bloom!

From the house, take the path to the left and pass a lamppost. From between the two red dots take seven steps down the path.

Look to your right. Behind the palm tree you will find the box hidden under lots of leaves, moss, and sticks.

BOX #2
From the porch of the Historic Waterhouse take a moment to admire the view then take the sidewalk that leads behind the house. When the path splits go left past the Waterhouse carpentry shop.

Set off in the grass 80 degrees to find the Black Bear Trail marker.

From the trail marker turn right and continue down Lake Lily Drive 35 steps.

Find a relic of the past and search at its base on the southern corner.

BOX #3
From the gazebo at the lake’s edge follow the path around to the boardwalk. At the wide spot in the boardwalk, take a moment to look over the edge into the water. This is a great spot for feeding turtles.

Once across the boardwalk find the center of three palms on your right. Stand with your back to the middle palm tree facing the brick wall.

Walk to the edge of the planter. About an arms length into the bushes you will find your final prize!

PLEASE be discreet as this can be a very busy park. And, as always, please re-hide well. If you find any problems with the box or have any trouble finding them please let us know.

Please register your find on the website so we know if it has been found. Feel free to email as well.

Thanks! Team Ginkgo