Walkin' the Park  LbNA # 28046

Placed DateJan 2 2007
LocationJacksonville, NC
Found By Blue Pelican
Last Found Jan 12 2007
Hike Distance?

To find this box start at a spot as all american as baseball!
With the water fountain to your back, park in the fourth spot from the right.
After sitting down on the closest bench to survey the area, head off to the Right.
Take the 2nd Left
2nd Right.
1st Left
1st Right.
Don't be mislead by the dead end...keep walking and take your next Right.
Go to the end and bare Left the Right around a curve.
Stop at the tree on the Left.
With your back to the tree, step off the path and walk straight ahead toward the treeline, passing between two trees close together.Walk toward the two trees beyond that are close together. When you reach those trees look beyond, and nestled in a tree stump that looks like a tee pee, you will find what you seek!

After driving to box #2 it is a nice walk to boxes 2 - 6 before driving to the last box.
It is aprox. 3 miles.