Trick-or-Treat  LbNA # 28049 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGrandma's Kids    
Placed DateJan 3 2007
LocationRoswell, GA
Found By 4purplemartins
Last Found Feb 3 2007
Hike Distance?

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If a fun time with your kids is what you seek,
head to Hembree Park for some trick-or-treat!
Head into the park and continue on back,
if you park near the playground, you'll be on track!
From the playground, head to the place
where you can get a drink, or wet your face.
From the fountain, head off to your right.
To the large pavillion that's now in sight.
Stand in the middle, with compass in hand.
Your treat is not far, now isn't that grand?
Head South East, down the grassy hill,
Careful now, don't take a spill!
Continue on, to the place where 2 trees
mark an entrance to a woodsy path, if you please.
Soon, you'll see the square camping spaces,
you're getting so close, I see smiling faces!
See the bridge that lies just ahead?
Get ready to cross, you've nothing to dread!
In front of the bridge, on the other side you'll see
just up the hill, a large massively-rooted tree!
At the base of this tree is what you seek!
Is it a Trick? Or is it a Treat?