Fox Hill Tower  LbNA # 28053 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 3 2007
LocationVernon, CT
Planted ByThe Mailman    
Found By Redfoot
Last Found May 27 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is missing. Summer '08

The current tower at Fox Hill was erected in 1939 as a Veteran’s Memorial in Henry Park. For a more in-depth history of this interesting structure please visit the website of community information for Vernon-Rockville at:

Driving Directions:

From Rt. 84, take exit 67. At the end of the exit ramp, go north on Rt. 31 (A left at the end of the ramp if traveling 84E, or a right at the end of the ramp if traveling 84W). Once on Rt. 31 North, go straight through the first intersection/traffic light and the road turns into Grove Street. Continue on Grove St. for 6 tenths of a mile from the traffic light and then take a left onto Laurel St. Shortly thereafter, take another left onto Cedar Street. From Cedar St. take a quick right onto Stone Street. From Stone St. you will quickly take the left fork uphill onto Tower Road. Continue on Tower Rd. for 2 tenths of a mile, (passing a gorgeous overlook) and take the first left which is the entranceway to Fox Hill Tower. (Please note the sign that indicates this area is closed at sunset). Drive all the way up the entranceway and you can park your car near the tower.

Clues to the Fox Hill Tower Letterbox:

Walk up the grand stone walkway to the Fox Hill Tower. Admire the architecture of this stunning tower, beginning with it’s ominous entrance. Walk around the circular base of the structure, making note of the stonework and impressive commemorative panels. Take a peek into the tiny ground floor window which provides a glimpse into the interior with its iron staircase spiraling upwards. This tower, situated at the summit of Fox Hill, offers a breathtaking view overlooking the town of Rockville. Standing in front of the large door of the tower itself, take a compass reading of 320 degrees. At this reading, looking through the lower supports of the tower off towards the overlook, you will see a cluster of small birch trees at the edge of the grassy slope. Leave the tower now and head across the lawn for the cluster of five small birch trees. Just a few feet off the lawn, you will find the Fox Hill Tower Letterbox hidden under two rocks at the center of the cluster of birch trees.

We hope you have enjoyed the splendor of this location. As Fox Hill is a popular spot for view seekers, try to be discrete in retrieving this letterbox. After stamping in, please re-hide the box well, replacing the two small rocks and camouflaging it again with bits of bark and leaves. The location of the box was picked by The Mailman, who lives nearby. The stamp was carved by Rush Gatherer. Special thanks goes out to Cat Lover /Teacher/Gardener for sending us boxing supplies and the inspiration to plant new boxes.