Island Adventure  LbNA # 28067 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 14 2007
LocationTampa, FL
Planted ByYe Mystic Pirate    
Found By Christelle
Last Found Mar 16 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 18 2015

Please note:
This letterbox is currently missing. We'll remove this message when it has been replaced.

This letterbox was put in place Jan. 15, 2007.

This letterbox is located on beautiful Davis Islands, south of downtown Tampa. Your island adventure begins at the corner of Barbados and Columbia, in front of and on the same side of the street as the main concession stand for Bayshore Little League.

General Info:
The journey will require a significant amount of walking, sometimes over uneven terrain. This letterbox is not wheelchair accessible.

1. From the corner, head towards the playground area but don’t stop to play. Instead, stop at the second pine tree along the way.

2. Continue breezing along, singing a song, and counting sidewalk seams as you go. Stop at number 7, don’t you know.

3. Look both ways, and then proceed to the boy in black, who stands on a sign with yellow on his back.

4. Follow the brick path to the fire hydrant that’s red, but don’t fall in, you might bump your head!

5. Follow the sidewalk around the bay, stopping at the next red fire hydrant along the way.

6. Feeling thirsty? What do you think? Back up a little for a cool, refreshing drink? (at the coldest drinking fountain on Davis Islands)

7. From the red hydrant, it’s no magic trick, navigate down to white lamppost no. 6.

8. Loop around the water’s edge, and look for a park bench if you need to “veg”.

9. Continue on to a miniature “outhouse” that’s green, with three moons on it that can easily be seen.

10. Continue along next to the sea, and keep your eyes peeled for a flat “Manatee”.

11. Sail on, stopping at a big gate that’s blue, where an interesting flagpole is easily in view.

12. Start at the blue gate and don’t look back; stop when you’ve counted 28 sidewalk cracks.

13. Remember the park bench mentioned before? Cut across the grass and return to it once more.

14. Find a blue and white building whose stature is short. Then walk around it, now be a good sport!

15. Look for the place where birds can get clean. What date was this erected? You know what I mean? What are the last two digits of this date? Make a note and don’t be late.

16. Take this many steps down the sidewalk, alright? Now look for the “cut-off” wood pilings on the right.

17. Walk next to the pilings, you’ll know you’ve arrived when the number of pilings you’ve counted is five.

18. Now look for the short posts that light up the night. When you reach number seven prepare to turn right.

19. Do you see the ridge of trees? Go stand atop it, if you please.

20. Now add the four digits of the birdbath date, and then add 2 more, for good luck’s sake.

21. Using this number as your guide, walk across the ridge counting the pine trees at your side. When you’ve counted as many pines as the number you seek, freeze right there - so to speak.

22. Now trot right down to the seaside rocks, where a friendly old tree protects the precious box.

Letterboxing ROCKS!