Bicentennial Park  LbNA # 28093

Placed DateJan 5 2007
CountyNew London
LocationLisbon, CT
Planted ByNewent Woods Heritag    
Last Found May 1 2013
Hike Distance?

Park on the south side of the Newent Congregational Church on route 169 in Lisbon, CT. Enter the Newent Woods Heritage Trail on the south side of the church parking lot. Follow this trail. You are now walking on the old Lee Road. Continue on trail bearing right past trail marker #4. Continue along the trail until you see the railroad tracks. DO NOT CROSS TRACKS. On the right you will find a break in the colonial period stone wall. Enter into Lisbon's Bicentennial Park,viewing the remains of Asa Griswold's homestead. Go into the remains of the foundation. Find the remains of the still intact corner of the foundation. Look 2 meters opposite the corner, you will then find a rusted pot, carefully remove this pot and you have found our letterbox. Please be sure to replace the letterbox the way you found it.