Ye Old Meeting Place  LbNA # 28094

Placed DateJan 5 2007
LocationLamoine, ME
Found Bychadwickcrockett
Last UpdateJul 18 2015
Hike Distance?

My family and I recently relocated to Lamoine from NE Hbr on MDI. Here are some of the neat new places we have found thus far!

Welcome to Lamoine Series: Ye Old Meeting House

To box:
Find your way to Lamoine School and Fire Dept on Rt184S by following brown signs to Lamoine State Park via Rt1 near the Hancock/Ellsworth line or via Rt3 in Trenton. Approx.1.5miles after the school and fire department, you will see the bell on your left.

At the Old Meeting House, drive in the driveway until you are beside the building. You will see a stump on the right side of the driveway. Look where the granite slabs meet in a corner at the base of the stump. Here you will find the letterbox.

First, I would highly recommend printing off a "Lamoine Street Map" at

Secondly, this is the sixth in a series of Welcome to Lamoine letterboxes. There will be six in total.

Finally, you could do the entire 'Welcome to Lamoine Series' in one day if really adventurous and good at using the street map.