Bloomfield Park  LbNA # 28095

Placed DateJan 5 2007
LocationLamoine, ME
Found By happyhensleys5
Last Found Aug 30 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 15 2015

back in place as of 5/22/09
My family and I recently relocated to Lamoine from NE Hbr on MDI. Here are some of the neat new places we have found thus far!

Welcome to Lamoine Series: Bloomfield Park at Blunt's Pond

To box:
Find your way to Lamoine School and Fire Dept on Rt184S by following brown signs to Lamoine State Park via Rt1 near the Hancock/Ellsworth line or via Rt3 in Trenton. Approx.2.0miles after the school and fire department, you will see Asa's Lane on your left. Take a left onto Asa's Lane. At the top of the hill you will see a flag pole on a residence on the right and the road for Bloomfield Park on your left. (the sign is hidden among trees, so keep an eye out-if you miss the first road, the immediate next road on the left will also take you there) Take this road and enter the park on the first right.

At the park, face the pond and line of boulders. On your left you will see an old walking, driving path. At the very beginning of that path on the left find an old, upturned stump. The box is hidden there, at the woods end of the stump, covered well in needles and stuff.

First, I would highly recommend printing off a "Lamoine Street Map" at

Secondly, this is the fourth in a series of Welcome to Lamoine letterboxes. There will be six in total.

Finally, you could do the entire 'Welcome to Lamoine Series' in one day if really adventurous and good at using the street map.