Algerine Coast  LbNA # 281

Placed DateSep 1 2002
LocationSouthwest Harbor, ME
Found By Mepanj
Last Found Nov 11 2004
Hike Distance?

Pulled for repairs

The Algerine Coast will not be found on a map. Many locals do not even know this name for this quiet little cove. Legend suggests that the name comes from the long-ago wreck of a ship from Algeria. For those who have discovered this place, it is a lovely spot for a picnic or just for walking along the shore and exploring the tidal pools.
Status update ~ As of April 10, 2004 this box was in place.


From Route 102 in Southwest Harbor take Seal Cove Road into the Park. This begins as a paved road but as it enters the park it becomes a "washboard" dirt road. Slow down and enjoy the forest. You will pass several Park roads and trails for future excursions. Be watchful for hikers and bikers as this is a very narrow road. When you reach the end of Seal Cove Road turn right onto Route 102. Continue for just over 2/10 mile. The road
curves over tidal water and then you will see a land locked red bell buoy on your left. Turn here and continue down the road to the landing. Park on the right.


Facing the water, go to the right of the picnic area and you will find a path down to the shore. Take time to notice the unusual geology around you and enjoy the peaceful view. Walk along the beach toward the boat launching ramp until you can see the ramp, and a large ledge of stone (looking rather like an overturned boat) is to your right. Search among the varied stones for one with a hole in it. The Algerine Coast box lies hidden here. This area is best enjoyed at half tide or lower, though it can be reached at high tide. This replaces the first box I ever planted. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear from you - (Note: This is a popular spot for campfires and kayakers so please be discreet and be sure to replace the box so that it is well hidden. Thanks!)