Lily's Quest (Series)  LbNA # 28100

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationLeechburg, PA
Found By tasson
Last Found Jun 10 2009
Hike Distance?

Lily’s Quest Letterbox Series (2 boxes)

Enter Leechburg and take 66 N towards Kittanning. 1 ½ miles outside Leechburg and just past Christ the King Church turn left onto Park Rd into Gilpin/Leechburg Area Park. Turn right into the park onto James Leech Rd. The park has a one way road around the pavilions. It is a small park and parking is limited for the pavilions so if it’s summer you may have to park out in the pool area and walk into the picnic grounds. While on the trails PLEASE be aware of Poison Ivy and the possibility of snakes, spiders, mosquitoes and ticks.

For Lily Quest 1 6/10/09 - Find Pavilion 2. Facing the woods from the pavilion you will see a bench and above it a sign saying ‘TRAIL’. Immediately as you start on this trail, straight ahead you will notice a large broken tree with the stump rising about 3 ½ ft a little to your left. The box is in the base of the stump. Now that was easy wasn’t it?

For Lily Quest 2
After you have replaced box 1 you will continue on this trail. It’s a very short trail and some of the trees have arrows pointing back the way you came in. The trail will come out by another ‘TRAIL’ sign. Turn left and follow the woods. You will pass another ‘TRAIL’ sign and also a sign saying ‘Will McHaddon Eagle Scout Project’. Now you will come to another bench and ‘TRAIL’ sign – turn into this trail. This trail is a little longer and you will overlook the Bagdad foundry. When you are almost to the power line you will see a small sign on your left saying ‘OAK’ and you will be facing a 5 trunk tree. Follow the trail to the Right – don’t continue towards the power line. There is a path going that way but you don’t want to go that direction. After you turn right you will pass a double trunk tree on your right – this area can be a bit muddy if there was a recent rain so step carefully. You will climb a small bank and climb over some stacked logs. On your left you will pass a tree with a faded pink ribbon tied around the trunk about 5 feet up. The next big tree trunk on the left is hollow. Look inside the hollow under a rock.

After you’ve replaced this box, continue on for a short distance and you will be out in the park again. If you continue walking clockwise on the road through the park you will come back out to the beginning of the circle around the park. It’s only half a mile the whole way around the park so this is not a great distance.