Down in the Stumps: Lake Hallowell  LbNA # 28106 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationOney, MD
Planted ByStarbaby    
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Helpful Hints:
*Wear hiking shoes(you may get a little muddy)
*Its a 1 mile walk

Down in the Stumps:
Lake Hallowell

~Get to the Lake, you'll see a horse pasture. (No other entrance will get you here faster
~Walk to the left, around the lake (I can't think of a rhyme for goodness sake!)
~Walk down the path a little bit more (and then take a rest)As you listen to the water roar.
~Now you will pass some grassland and small trees (you shouldn't walk this path with bad knees!)
~Watch out now, you're in the swamp zone (I warned you about shoes, so do not moan)
~Walk down a hill, soon there will be, boulders to your left (and some small trees)
~"Over the bridges that ford the drinks! To grandmothers house we go!" (Haha)
~Now, traveler, you must turn right (then go past the trees with claws in sight)
~Next, wind around (up and down)
~Then keep going straight (if it's not to late) to the can that holds your trash (I'm running "rhyme dry"!)
~Now if you keep walking you just might see, a couple of frogs, happy as can be.
~Watch out for the tree, (with a gaping yawn) that's standing in someone's manicured lawn.
~Then walk past giant cisterns in the ground (what is hidden will soon be found)
~In a grove of pines (on the right hand side) lay a giant rock, with stumps beside. Behind two rocks (beneth a shelf of ground) the hidden treasure will be found! :)

*After you find my letterbox you will have to walk straight up the path and turn right. Keep walking to the right on the path and you will find yourself back on the lake path. Pass your first left and take the second one. (Past the big white houses)

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