Black Butterfly  LbNA # 28119

Placed DateJan 6 2007
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationMorro Bay, CA
Planted Bygrampa bear & kids    
Found By Maddogbmw
Last Found Mar 26 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 30 2015

Black Mountain Trail

Find the beautiful seaside town of Morro Bay and the Morro Bay Golf Course.
Follow the golf course road up the hill past the club house. On your left you will see a large 3 pronged Eucalyptus tree. Take the road to the left of the tree. (road is closed at 7:00 each evening.) Proceed on this road .7 of a mile, park your car in the lot.
The trail starts at the "Dogs on Leash Only" sign. At the fork go left and continue to folow the trail upward. Keep to the left. At the wooden steps follow the trail to the right. Catch your breath and enjoy of view of Morro Bay and Los Osos. Here the trail turns left. Next some natural rock steps start and the trail turns right.
You're almost there. At the fallen rail fence go left, up over the rocks to the top.
At the top there are lots of larger rocks so son't give up.
Turn right and go 12-16 paces to a large imbedded rock.
Your back should be to the ocean. You can see both the Chorro Valley (Hwy 1) and South Bay Blvd. to Los Osos.
Proceed down the rock between the bushes. When you see the survey marker on your left you are there. You will see a large rock with severa small rocks under it. Look under the small rocks and you should find the Black Butterfly Box.
Thanks for visiting our letterbox. Please replace the rocks and hike down carefully.