The Oggys: Super Froggy  LbNA # 28126

OwnerJoyful Explorer    
Placed DateJan 6 2007
LocationBettendorf, IA
Found By Screaming Monkey
Last Found Sep 1 2009
Hike Distance?

Alive and well as of June, 21, 2010

To make this a little more interesting, I have put in parenthesis the story of Super Froggy, a brave little hero that rescued Princess Scott. I thought just telling you where my little hero is was boring, so here’s his story.

Enter campus from Belmont Road. Park in the first lot (Lot A) on your right. Don’t worry, you don’t need a permit, however, this lot is very busy Mon-Thurs in the mornings, and you may not be able to find a parking space.

The letterbox in the woods behind SCC's big long main building. Just before the parking lot entry, you passed a drive on the left side. Up this drive is a bus stop shelter. After parking, walk up this drive. (This is where Screaming Eagle, Princess Scott’s protector, realized that the princess was missing.) Up ahead is a volleyball net and an amphitheater.

Enter the woods directly behind the amphitheater. Turn left, and cross the bridge. (This is where Super Froggy was sleeping when he heard shouts of “help,” so he woke up and took off on the path that you are following.) Just past the bridge the path splits. Go right. Start walking! You will pass a sewage tube thingy on your left, and soon after, also on your left, wooden steps. (This is where Evil hawk jumped out at Super Froggy! Super Froggy boldly yelled “Evil Hawk I am not afraid to die! I will fight you, for I know that you have taken Princess Scott from her protector Screaming Eagle!”) Continue walking. (Evil Hawk and Super Froggy started fighting. Super Froggy used his super sticky tongue powers to stick Evil Hawk to a tree.)

You will pass another sewage thing on your left, a few feet into the woods. Soon you will see a black drain tube on your left that runs under the path. 38 steps past this tube the path will make a y. This time go left. Continue walking. (However, Evil Hawk got loose, and ran after Super Froggy, who was almost to the princess.) You will see a tree that is bent over and has fallen into the v of another tree on your left, a little ways into the woods. (This is where the Princess Scott was tied to the tree, yelling for someone to help her. Super Froggy bravely dodged a blow from Evil Hawk’s sharp talons and cut the princess loose.) Continue on. (Super Froggy led Evil Hawk away from the princess.)

You will reach a spot in the path where it goes left and it goes right. Take neither. Go straight. You will see fallen logs ahead of you that make the shape of a capital T. Go to the point in the t where the logs meet. Take seven steps to your right, and look at the log. (Super Froggy grabbed a sharp stick and stabbed Evil Hawk.) There will be a small hump in the log. There is moss around it. (Evil Hawk fell over, gasping, and died.) Under the hump, and under a decomposing piece of bark/tree, you will find our hero, Super Froggy, who has killed the villains and saved the Princess Scott.

(Princess Scott, by the way, returned safely home, a different way, with her protector Screaming Eagle, while Super Froggy, exhausted from his fight, slept in the log.) If you want to go the way the princess did, go back to the main path that you were on, and turn left. Thirty five steps to your right is a bridge. Go across this bridge, and turn right. Follow the path back to the amphitheater, and then back to your car. Happy hunting!