East Texas State Fair  LbNA # 28130

Placed DateJan 6 2007
LocationTyler, TX
Planted ByJKC    
Found By Smokey Pokes
Last Found Sep 6 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is in honor of the East Texas State Fair which is held every fall usually in September. It originally began as a farmers market, but has grown to be a wonderful area fair. There are many food vendors, and there are games and rides for the kids. I love going through the arts and crafts building to see the awards for all the hard work people have put into their various hobbies. (In the past, if you go just before lunch, you avoid the entrance fee to the fair. The rides and games aren’t usually running yet, but many of the food vendors, buildings and booths are open.)

Directions to the box:
Just south of downtown Tyler, at the intersection of Broadway and Front Streets, go west on Front Street until you see the Rose Gardens and then the entrance to the East Texas State Fair which will both be on your left. The next road on your left after the fairgrounds will be Lyons. There is a stoplight here, and you will turn left. You will see on your right the Windsor Park Nature Trail. Take the first road on your right (Parkdale) and park at the trail entrance (on the street). Follow the path into the park. When it Y's, take the left branch toward the picnic shelter. When you reach the shelter, stand in the center and look at approximately 300 degrees. You will see a large tree with a large pine behind it. The pine is approximately 14 steps from the center post of the picnic shelter. The box is behind this tree hidden under the usual stuff.
The trail continues on and wraps back around if you choose to walk the little extra. It's not a very big park. When we were there we didn't see anyone else, but I wouldn't suggest going here alone at night. Always use good common sense.
As always, please reseal and rehide well.
Let us know of condition etc.