Joe Roughneck  LbNA # 28155 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateJan 7 2007
LocationHenderson, TX
Found By donese
Last Found Sep 5 2009
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Joe Roughneck

*****This box is missing 01/06/10****It will be replaced.

Joe Roughneck who started life advertising Lone Star Steel Company, has become a universal symbol of the oil and gas business. He has been saluted by two Governors of Texas, named “Man of the Month” by a magazine and has been the subject of many newspapers, and magazine articles. Joe is also the mascot of a high school football team.
Joe is also the patron saint of Roughneck Clubs whose memberships read like the bluebook of oildom.
Joe started his career on the scratch pad of famed artist Torg Thompson, best known for his mural, Miracle at Pentecost. Joe Roughneck was quickly accepted as a symbol of those who participated in all areas of the quest for Black Gold. As his popularity spread, Lone Star Steel ruled out the use of Joe on their products, but continued using him to espouse the cause of the oil industry at large, and to sell the virtues of patriotism to America.
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Historical Marker: Joiner No. 3 Daisy Bradford
Oilman C.M. (Dad) Joiner, for years believed there was oil in Rusk County. After the third drilling, the crew on Sept. 5, 1930 logged at 3536’ into the Woodbine Formation showed oil. Derricks rose in al directions. In the first 30 years, this great field produced more than 3.5 billion barrels of oil. It now covers 200 square miles. In 1965 a historical marker was erected at Pioneer Park in dedication to these great pioneers.

Directions: From Henderson, take hwy 64 west. At the intersection of loop 571 and 64 west drive 5.6 miles. To roadside park on right.

From Tyler: Take Hwy 64 East to intersection of hwy 64 and FM 42. Continue East, 2.1 miles to roadside park on left.
Please be careful. I was surprised at how many people stop here. I had to go twice to hide the box.

Park near the east end of the fence. This will help hide where you are going form traffic on the highway. Walk over to Joe Roughneck Monument and read all about him and the park. After reading signs, with your back to Joe, walk back through the brick wall and turn left. Walk to end of fence and go left. At the back of the fence there is an opening where you can get behind the fence. Turn left at the pile of rocks/cement and go behind fence. As you turn left and go behind the fence, you will see a pine tree. Stand with it on your right. Look in front of you about 14 steps for a pipe that is going into the ground. Just in front of the pipe is a large tree. Box is at base of tree. PLEASE re-seal all bags and place box back in it’s hiding place.