Grapes? What grapes?  LbNA # 28160

Placed DateJan 7 2007
LocationHamilton, NJ
Planted ByM&BH    
Found By RobMatt2CubScouts
Last Found Dec 28 2007
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This park is a multi-use facility of over 300 acres. It features a mixture of athletic fields, long paved walkways, picnic and play grounds, a moderately sized lake and several miles hard packed dirt trails. This quest should take 60 – 90 minutes .

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A trail map shouldn’t be necessary but might be useful. They’re hard to come by at the park so here’s a link to access and print one if you’d like.

When this box was planted, some of the trails were a little muddy so use appropriate footwear. There are several entrances; north, south, east and west. This box starts from the south entrance. Directions to that entrance are:

From Interstate 195, take Exit 3B (Hamilton Square). As you come off the ramp you will be on Yardville-Hamilton Square Road. Go to the first traffic light. This is Kuser Road. To go to the South entrance, turn left onto Kuser Road. The South Entrance will be on the right in 1.2 miles.


Park after the K9’s playground and while searching for a spot to park, look for the man on perpetual lunch break. Begin your journey aside this slacker and heading off at 80 degrees toward the light. Soon there’s an opportunity to choose a path. Stay away from those dogs! Need a REST? There’s ROOM you know. When headed that way, be like a soldier, “Left, Left, Right...” and into the woods we go.

Are you in the woods yet? Good. Look for a red and blue post aside each other. Between these markers take a reading of 280 degrees and proceed.

You’ll find a place to rest after an easy walk of 5 minutes (or less!). Here, there’s a choice to make as well. Go red!

When you are forced to choose again, look for the gate to take you over the river and through the woods. Stroll on…

Is there a way to stay dry while hiking through this swamp? If you find a way, do it! Once you’ve traversed the bog, step into the clear and seek a hill to climb. Atop the slope, face south and spy a far off gazebo. (OK, not too far off, but a good stroll none the less!)

Saunter past the gazebo and look for “G 0.25”. At this point count 25 steps. A reading of 175 degrees reveals another place to rest. Go to it and seek a path directly behind it headed up. On blacktop again, glance left to spot a blue post. Go to it and head off the beaten trail to choose a path less traveled.

Stay on this trajectory ignoring the macadam when the opportunity presents itself. Seek out a map. (No, not the one you brought with you, another one!) At this map, stop. Now count off 20 steps in the direction you’ve been strolling lately. On your right you should find a log that, at one time, blocked the route. Gaze down this log and find a stump a stones throw away. Your treasure resides within.

Enjoy a backtrack to your vehicle or, when tracing back from the map point, head left on the red trail and find familiar surroundings in a little while.