Hundreds of gallons of coffee  LbNA # 28161 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 7 2007
CountyNew Haven
LocationNew Haven, CT
Planted Byrebeccah    
Found By tattiebogle
Last Found May 15 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is in Edgerton Park in New Haven, CT. Edgerton Park is in the East Rock neighborhood, and is home to the New Haven Police Dept horse stables, several greenhouses (one of which is open to the public), and a large community garden. Be sure to check out the greenhouses and gardens after you find the letterbox!

Start from the entrance directly across from the intersection of Edgehill Road and Edgehill Terrace. There are two other entrances, so be sure you are at the right one! From the entrance, follow the main paved path past the buildings and stables on the left. When the path forks, stay left (do not go towards the greenhouse).

Shortly, take the unmarked/unpaved footpath on your left. You will find it between two tall, lacy evergreens (if you reach the fountain, you have gone too far). Follow the footpath down to an old, broken paved path.

Cross the broken pavement and come to the top of some slate steps. Count down 25 steps and stop. Look right and you will see a large flat piece of slate and a big rock with blue paint on it.

Count the big rocks going up hill from the rock with blue paint. Look between the 3rd and 4th big rocks to find the letterbox.