E Lax Stick  LbNA # 28162

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationBrookfield, CT
Planted ByCJ3_ELax    
Found By IHeartNinjaStars
Last Found Jul 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Williams Park, Brookfield, Ct.

Williams Park and Gurski Farm in Brookfield, CT. are two separate land preservation projects that are joined by hiking trails that sprawl out into the woodlands where their boundaries meet. They can be hiked separately or together for longer hikes. In total they make up about 200 acres of open space that is frequented by hikers, cross country skiers, and joggers (most notably, the Brookfield High School cross-country team).

Williams Park is located directly across the street from the Brookfield Library off Route 25 about a mile north of Brookfield Center and the intersections of Rt 25 and 133. The entrance is marked by a small stone veteran's memorial and American flag.

After parking, check out the posted map of the park. Your ultimate destination is located near the elevation of 370 feet. From the map, proceed down hill with the tennis court on your right side.

At the first turn off the trail, do NOT turn left. Continue a bit further and turn right at Marker #3.

As you approach a small pond, cross the bridge located by the "No Skating" sign. Go around the pond to the Marker #7 and turn left.

From Marker #7, take 20-25 steps to a 3 way intersection.

You will see a stone wall set between two trees. Near the end of the stone wall, you will find the E Lax Stick!