Sand Dollar  LbNA # 28184

Placed DateJan 7 2007
LocationGorda, CA
Planted Bymonotonia    
Found By aka Trail Dancer
Last Found Nov 5 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 30 2015

Not too far from Amanda's Jade Cove letterbox is another lovely beach called Sand Dollar beach. By far the best place in the world to watch the sun set.

From the parking lot, take the trail that leads from the middle of the parking are (not the far end) straight toward the ocean. Do not take the gravel path to the right but instead head straght along a grassy trail. The trail forks; go right. Continue forward until you reach the edge of the cliff. Don't look down. It makes my head spin every time. From this point, turn to your left and take 10 steps forward. The box is in the bushes on your right under a pile of stones. Please make sure that the box is completely covered in stones and well-hidden when you are done. And please take the time to follow the "real" trail down to the beach, as it's absolutely gorgeous.