Parting the waters - #1 & #2  LbNA # 28187

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJan 5 2007
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Yertle
Last Found Nov 21 2011
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: about 2 miles for #1, and 1/2 mile for #2 (RT)

Status of boxes: Alive and Well on 3/15/2008

The "Parting the Waters - 1 & 2" letterboxes are located in Memorial Park, in two different areas. These two stamp images will form a larger picture when stamped side-by-side, but due to large size it may not fit in your log book that way. Enjoy!

Box #1 (REPORTED MISSING BY 2 PEOPLE - Probably Gone) is located in the Arboretum area. Park at very end of parking lot by building. Box #2 is located in the picnic area. Park near the rugby field to access the bike trails.

To the Letterboxs:
Box 1 - From the parking lot, take the Willow Oak trail until it reaches the "Outer Loop" trail. Turn left and go until you reach the "1.5 mile" markers on each side of the trail. Now count 62 steps as you keep going. 10 Steps to your right is a large pine tree, with a 4 foot stump in front of it. The box is in back of the large pine, at the base, covered with pine needles and large sticks. Cover well when done!!

Box 2 - Get on the trail and walk past the rugby field to the trail juction. Go right on the purple trail. Pass other trails until you come to white sign on the right (at a purple trail marker (just past yellow trail on left). Continue on purple trail as it bends left. Pass a yellow trail marker on left, another yellow trail marker on left, and an orange trail marker on left. Pass an unmarked trail on left, and soon another unmarked trail on left, until you come to a purple trail marker on the right of the trail. From this post, go back 16 steps to a large pine tree on the right edge of trail. Go left (across trail from this pine) into the woods, past a pine, over a log, for 23 steps to a large pine tree. Box is at back base of this pine tree, covered again with needles and sticks. Cover well!!!