Mount Battie  LbNA # 282

OwnerHoosier Honey Bee    
Placed DateJul 19 2002
LocationCamden, ME
Found By angel treads
Last Found Oct 27 2012
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"All I could see from where I stood was three long mountains and a wood; I turned and looked the other way, and saw three islands in a bay. So with my eyes I traced the line of the horizon, thin and fine, straight around till I was come back to where I'd started from; and all I saw from where I stood was three long mountains and a wood."

Renascence by Edna St. Vincent Millay


Camden, a picturesque coastal Maine harbor, is 90 miles downeast of Portland on US Route 1. Although quite a tourist haven in the summer months, it still retains the flavor of a bygone era when stately schooners plied the waters of Penobscot Bay carrying shipments of lime from the kilns down the coast to the cities.

Once you arrive, make your way to the waterfront. Turn your gaze toward the mountains that meet the sea. The summit tower is where your search begins. It can be reached in several ways. Hike the Mt. Battie Trail from Harden Ave or the Old Carriage Road Trail from Mountain Street (Rte 52). You can also take a leisurely drive up the auto road from the park's gatehouse.


(1 PACE = 2 STEPS)

After taking in the beautiful view from the top of the stone tower, make your way down the spiral staircase and walk over to the plaque and read the inscription that commemorates a famous poet from Camden. The Mt. Battie Trail starts on the other side. The trail sign has fallen over, however, so follow the blue blazes across the rocks toward a stand of stunted oak trees. Stop just on the other side. You should be standing on a large sloping granite boulder with a blue blaze on top and another one further down the slope. Take a bearing of 197 degrees and walk about 22 paces. You should be standing in front of another stand of stunted oak trees with a pile of loose granite rocks to your right that surround one of these trees. Take another bearing of 90 degrees. About 3 paces away you will see two granite slabs with a gap between. This letterbox is hidden behind smaller rocks that are wedged in the gap.

PLEASE be discreet and rehide the box carefully (IN THE SAME SPOT), making sure to replace the small rocks in the gap to conceal the box.