Pecan, the State Nut of Texas  LbNA # 28201

OwnerDelta Dawn    
Placed DateJan 7 2007
LocationSeguin, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Oct 20 2010
Hike Distance?

Surrounding the Guadalupe County Court house is letterboxes all within walking distance or short drives.
1. Pecan- The State Nut of Texas, 3. Freedom Fiesta, 2. Zuehl Gate, 4. Memorial Rose Garden (Corazon), 5. Doll House, 6. Los Nogals, and 7. Campbell Cabin (numbers represent a suggestion of the order to go in). As of today 7-8-07, they are all in place. We hope you enjoy your time in exploring Seguin. This letter box was confirmed to be in place on 8-4-07.

The State Nut of Texas has lots of history and has been a big nut in Seguin. At one time Seguin's notarity was from having the largest pecan. The famous "large pecan" is a family photo favorit so bring a camera.

Placing this letterbox was very challenging. We are trying a new location when facing the nut on Austin street, look to your right (or westwardly) and you will see a large pecan try with a small hedge of monkey grass. Look toward the back of the tree (court house side-southernly side) and you will find a brown insulator. Just to the right of the insulator and below some leaf and sticks is the Famouse Nut.

You must go to the Guadalupe Co. Court house in Seguin on the corner of Court and Austi St (101 E. Court St). Park and go to the pecan. Have fun with the historical information around and note other letter boxes are in the area with more to come.

Happy Letterboxing.

7-12-08 confirmed live and well below the brown insulator