Prescott Courthouse Conundrum  LbNA # 28227 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 10 2007
LocationPrescott, AZ
Planted ByAnn    
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Placed 1/10/07

This is a mysterious parade of 6 interesting commemorations that dwell IN or AROUND Prescott's Courthouse Square. You'll probaly not encounter rattlesnakes or scorpions, but be discreet about the Courthouse guards and tourists about.
This is an easy hunt.
Bring a pen to tell us where you are from.
Contact with comments or if the box is missing.

1. Find the sculpture celebrating 100 years of the world's oldest rodeo, by Richard Terry, 1987. Note the horse has no steering mechanism? Where are the two cowlicks? This is not the piece's final resting place. Where will it go?

2. Go East out of the circle, turn left down 7 stairs. Turn left, cross Cortez, turn North across Goodwin. (Prescottonians diregard the use of streets, avenues and lanes). Continue straight leaving 16 pylons on your right. Turn left, walk past the fountain/xmas ree to The ROUGH RIDER, sculpted by Solon Borglum and installed breathlessly just a few hours before the unveiling ceremony on July 3, 1907. After being cast in NYC, it was put on a railcar to be delivered to Prescott. The sculptor came to receive it, picked out the huge granite boulder from our large library out there, but the sculpture didn't come. It took a detective to discover the sculpture lost on a side track in Albuquerque. Before arriving in Prescott, the heavy piece broke its rail car.
William Owen "Bucky" O'Neill has been riding his steed up the Cuban San Juan Hill for over 100 years. "Bucky", once Mayor and sheriff, earned his name for his penchant for gambling. Note he is about to lose his pistol as he's not wearing the issued cavalry holster. The sword disappears at times as the sword actually comes out of the scabbard. The horse's 4 feet are on the ground which symbolises that Bucky died on the ground not on the horse. Solon's famous brother, Guston, sculpted Mount Rushmore.

3. From the eating end of the horse go 30 paces to THE BEGINNING OF TIME. When you have past tme, stand in Yavapai County, turn West (Gurley is on your right). Pass 3 left pylons to MIKE'S MEMORIAL. Dogs count in Prescott!

4. Step back, left, on the walkway, go past 11, right, pylons. Turn right and walk 20 diagonal paces to 5 WARS, by Neil Logan of Skull Valley, placed 1987.
Note the torn pants, the anguish, the spent bullet and the small bottle on the helmet. Editorial: there is no more room on the plaque for lost lives.

5. Continue south on the walkway ( Montezuma is on our right). Note the WPA 1936 inscription in the low cement wall. Go past 10, left, pylons, turn left, walk past 4, left, pylons to The RESTING COWBOY. This was a miniature sculpture that Son Borglum did and the city enlarged it and placed it in 1990. When a sculpture is enlarged so are the mistakes. Note the cowcoy's large head. Where are the reins on the watchful horse? The cowboy now has the proper holster for a horse rider. He has chaps on and it looks like the horse does too.

6. At the tail end walk North 58 paces past our very own redwood tree and the large Diodar cedar. Go up the 20 steps to the courthouse's South portico. Mr. Mitsubishi stand sentinal before a small gray box. The small letterbox is carefully hidden behind it. Be careful of the guards and bystanders as there are always folks around.
Enjoy !