Cards - #2 Spades  LbNA # 28243 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 12 2007
LocationNorth Aurora, IL
Planted ByMama Llama    
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Hike Distance?

MISSING, 04/09/2007. This box has not been successfully found by numerous boxers. I have since moved and am unable to check on it.

Child, dog, bicycle & stroller friendly.

Start at the parking lot of the Red Oak Nature Center.

Take a compass and ink - black is best.

About 2/3 mile round trip.

Be warned that you you will pass a lot of big metal debris along the side of the gravel road towards the end of the hunt - light poles, pipes, etc.
Take the bike trail and go to the right
The box you seek is not yet in sight.

You'll see a bridge and will still find
That letterboxing is on your mind.

Don't cross the bridge 'cause on the left you'll see
A gravel road with large metal things and debris.

Go down this road on the gravel,
Not much farther you'll have to travel.

Face the river with the hut at your back
To the right is your plan of attack.

Enter the footpath with lots of care
Debris and glass may be there to snare.

Under the diagonal tree you will be
When your compass reads 330 degrees.

Spades you will find
By this log, not in front but behind.