T & T's Favorite Letterboxer series #1 &#2  LbNA # 28246

OwnerTiptoe & Tonto    
Placed DateJan 4 2007
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By AZBlueLion
Last Found Jan 11 2014
Hike Distance?

To commemorate finding our 500th box, we would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to all of the wonderful letterbox planters that have made it all possible!
** Please note: The number associated with this box in no way reflects favoritism, but simply the order in which we were able to plant the boxes!


Difficulty: trail moderate, clues easy
Walk time: about 40 minutes one way
Stamp: hand-carved
Status: alive and well as of January, 2009

To find this little tribute and token of gratitude in our series of “Tiptoe & Tonto’s Favorite Letterboxer,” you will have to resort to a “resort” to find the trailhead This canyon eventually leads to the “window” (those crazy Spaniards), but you don’t have to go that far!

Once at the parking lot for the trailhead, you will hike a narrow corridor obtained from private land to access the true trail. You will follow along a chain link fence with an apartment complex and parking lot on the left. At the end of the fence the trail will head toward the mouth of the canyon, but you will continue to be corralled in by an assortment of fence and wire with plenty of “no trespassing” signs as you cross the streambed several times. Try to ignore the metal intrusion and enjoy the desert flora around you. In about 20 minutes from where you parked you will come to a zig zag, barbed wire National Forest walk-through gate. There will be a sign saying you are entering a Bighorn Sheep Management area, and that dogs must be kept on leash, with no dogs allowed past the “Maiden Pools.”

Once through the fence, you will begin to climb up the canyon crossing the streambed several more times. It is very important to watch for rock cairns to keep track of the trail, especially when making the streambed crossings. After the 5th streambed crossing from the zig zag gate (about another 15 - 20 minutes), stop and count 13 steps on the trail where you will be facing a large black and orange wall of rock. At this point the trail turns left up canyon. Turn and count another 13 steps up trail to where on your right, facing the rock wall you will see two armless saguaros growing – one whose base is near the trail and the other about 15 feet up growing in the wall. Facing the wall, line up the saguaros so they appear to be one on top of the other. They should be about 20* from North. With your compass, find due south. Turn, and spy just a few steps off the other side of the trail a “ring” of large blackish rocks. You should find our surprise tribute tucked under a rock on the left inside of the “ring”. This seems to be a popular hike so be watchful of muggles. Also, as usual, be careful of the critters that might be lurking around the box and please re-hide well as it is close to the trail. Let us know if the box needs attention.

It will take about another 45 minutes and much more stamina to hike up to the Maiden Pools, but the hike is so worth it! (The “window” is even further) If you aren’t up to the canyon scramble, simply turn around and go back out the way you came.

We wish we could thank all of the Tucson “planters” but only had two sides of the stamp! But, know that all of you have made Arizona one of our favorite boxing destinations!