Astronomical Unit.  LbNA # 28260

Placed DateJan 13 2007
LocationSouth Euclid, OH
Found By The Early Birds
Last Found Aug 5 2008
Hike Distance?

(Woo hoo! My first planted letterbox. Let me know if this clue is too easy.)

Difficulty: A nice stroll on pavement, a gravel path and some open woods. Pretty easy except the last six steps. Not really wheelchair accessible.


Before heading out, you may need to do some homework.

  • Q1: That is an AU?

  • Q2: How long does it take light to travel that far?

Enter Euclid Creek Reservation at either end; it flanks just one long road. Park in the Welsh Woods Picnic Area southern parking lot. Calibrate your AU along the green dotted line. Continue Northish along the trail until you get to the first crosswalk. Cross the road. Notice the sign for the fitness station. Add together the Starting Par and Championship Par numbers of reps; let's call that sum X. Continue past the station to get to the main jogging trail, and turn left. Walk X AU along that trail. If you look to your right, you should see an obvious path going uphill. If not, try going forward or back a light-minute or two. Once you see where to go, turn right and walk up that path 41 (plus or minus 2) light-minutes. At the 39 light-minute mark start looking forward and to your left to find a tree root (or vine or something) shaped like a digit '5'. Above that you should see the cut off end of a fallen tree trunk. The letterbox is hidden under the right side of the base of that trunk. When I placed the box, I stuffed the "cave" entrance with leaves and a piece of bark a foot long or so.

NOTE: Be sure to use all reasonable precautions. Poke any suspected hiding places with a stick to check for any "residents".

Leave no trace. Box in, bag out.