Freedom Falls  LbNA # 28267

Placed DateJan 13 2007
LocationRockland, PA
Found By MikJen
Last Found Jun 12 2009
Hike Distance?

Directions from Oil City:

Follow Route 257 South towards Cranberry. At Traffic Light intersection of 257 and 322, continue straight (south) through light towards Rockland.

From Franklin: Follow Route 322 East to the Traffic Light Intersection of route 322 and route 257. Make right (south)at light towards Rockland.

From Clarion: Follow Route 322 West to Traffic Light Intersection of route 322 and route 257. Turn left (south ) at light towards Rockland.

Continue by following Rockland Rd (or 257 South) traveling straight, until a four-way stop in Rockland. There will be a country store on the corner. Go straight through the stop sign, past the country store, and follow this road towards Pittsville. You will pass over a small bridge. Look for Rockland Station Rd. on your RIGHT. Take Rockland Station Rd. This will be a dirt/mud road. Follow this road 1.5 miles (you will make a couple of 90 degree turns). While on this road you will pass an old trailer on your left. Keep driving straight. Go around several bends. Eventually on your left at the 1.5 mile mark you will see two large stones on your left. Park in this area between the rocks, or drive just a little bit further and park your car off to the left side of the road. Get out of your car and look towards the left side of the road. You will go down over the embankment and follow the trails a short distance until you come to the falls. (This area can be slick and and muddy) You will hear the falls rushing from a distance.
Once you've reached the falls, you'll need to go to the lower side. From the lower edge of the falls look for a tree on the bank that arcs over the water. This tree will be connected at the trunk to another tree. From this point, stand in the V of the roots of the double tree, and face 270 degrees West. Walk in this direction, stopping at the first pile of mossy rocks. (This will be about 10 adult steps) You'll find the letterbox in a crevice at the base of the rocks. Be sure to enjoy the Falls!

Remember to be discreet. There may be other people around!