The Oggys: Super Soggy  LbNA # 28270

OwnerJoyful Explorer    
Placed DateJan 13 2007
LocationDavenport, IA
Found By cfboxer25
Last Found May 27 2012
Hike Distance?

*Alive and well as of May 17, 2010*

Since I wrote a story with my Super Froggy letterbox, and someone wrote me back saying it was cool, I wrote another story for my newest little super hero. Lindsay Park, where Super Soggy is hidden, used to be an old Civil War training camp, called Camp McClellan. But, just so you know, this story is made up. I have no idea what McClellan’s wife’s name really was.

Before or after you find this letterbox, I suggest that you visit Lagomarcinos, a nice little restaurant in the Village of East Davenport, that has the Quad Cities’ best hot fudge sundaes. Believe me, they are worth it! (This is where Super Soggy was enjoying a sundae when his good friend, George McClellan came in, tears streaming down his face, looking anguished.)

The letterbox is hidden on the eastern point of the park. (Super Soggy looked up from his hot fudge sundae as McClellan said that Lindsay, his wife, had been taken by Evil Heat Mass. Super Soggy knew this was bad, cause Evil Heat Mass would make him turn to steam.) Park at the junction of Glenwood Ave, and River St., which is also the junction of a black metal fence with a stone post fence. River Street is a small street, not the same as River Drive. (Super Soggy jumped up anyway (taking his sundae with him) and followed McClellan.) Get out of your car, and go in between this junction of the fences. Follow the fence west- remember that in Davenport the Mississippi runs east and west. On your right there are beautiful big houses that have been there for a long time. (Super Soggy didn’t see Lindsay, but he saw Evil Heat Mass drying up all the greenery around the camp, and making all the training soldiers pass out from heat exhaustion.) The fence will turn sharply toward the river; keep going. Here there is a beautiful view. (Super Soggy knew he couldn’t fight Evil Heat Mass on his own, so he called on his brothers, sisters, and all family to help.) Take a minute to find the bridges, the Rock Island Arsenal Clock Tower, and the Colonel Davenport House. (It began to pour as all of the family and friends of Super Soggy, including his wife, Sogga, came down onto Evil Heat Mass. “AHHH!,” cried Evil Heat Mass, “you are making me cold!”) I was at the park on a foggy day, but it was still very pretty and I also saw a bald eagle fly by. (“I’m melting!”) In front of you, you should notice big bushes with a small tree growing out of them. (Evil Heat Mass melted away, and Super Soggy found a small tree in the middle of some bushes where Lindsay was on the ground (with heat exhaustion). Super Soggy restored her to health, with a very happy McClellan thanking him.) In the v that the tree makes- be careful not to fall off the edge- there is Super Soggy, watching over Camp McClellan, to make sure that Evil Heat Mass does not return again. (Although he did that one summer when we had a drought, but Super Soggy and his friends took care of that eventually. That time, Evil Heat Mass had his friends too, and it was a very long battle.)