Southern Rhymes and Fables  LbNA # 28271

Placed DateJan 11 2007
Locationcollegedale, TN
Planted By5cats    
Found By "Big Red"
Last Found Oct 13 2013
Hike Distance?

Park at Visitor Parking/Community C...Industrial DR. near the Brock Bldg.
Southern Adventist University
( N 35*03.159 W 085*02.995)


At this parking place no cache you will find
For about pavement I could think of no rhyme.
So heading southward you must start your walk
Listen closely to hear a loud squawk.
Along the bank where Mother Goose might be
Several ugly ducklings, but no swans will you see.
Pass up two sets of these at last to rest on one
And to “reflect” upon your next day of fun.
Your image behind , southwest as the crow flies
Remember a good Egg who met his demise.
All the king’s horses and men have now gone
Leaving you alone on this great Southern lawn.
From the south edge of this pebbly post you leave
For a hidden treasure you must yet retrieve.
A brisk walk and one hundred ninety six degrees ahead
Taking the sidewalk will leave you no traffic to dread.
A resting place just off the trail
Up yonder and to your right you will hail.
Hickory, Dickery Dock you will say
How can this tell you the time of day?
Sit down a while and face the large dial
For on this arc the sun does smile.
Across the road and back to the Village you roam
Just like the First Piggy who didn’t stay home.
But within this place you must not tarry
For paper bags you need not carry.
Stay to the right and to the southeast you will see
The next stopping point where you wish to be.
In order to go and find my stuff
You must do just as Billy Goat Gruff.
Trick the troll, try not to flee
Go over the bridge and a “ring-o- rosey” you’ll see.
Walk in a circle part way ‘round the curve
And soon you will get the reward you deserve.
Avoiding all of those out for a race
Stealthily off this ring you must pace.
At a shady spot under a group of trees
You might stop again and rest your knees.
Fortunately of no wicked wolves do I know
For like Red Riding Hood into the woods you must go.
Take the southeast trail over the creek
To find the “pot o’ gold” you came to seek.
At the first fork go left then right again
Past the bats to an open glen.
Travel to the end of Mother Nature’s wall
From which Humpty Dumpty never did fall.
At the last boulder, before poor Grettle’s trail
“Circle” back 14 rock “breadcrumbs”, head down in the vale.
At the base of a very grand, gnarly tree
A large slab, some stones and a cache you will see.