May and Coco's Kitty Adventure  LbNA # 28320 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 15 2007
LocationBethesda, MD
Found By Energizer Bunnie
Last Found Jul 7 2007
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May and Coco's Kitty Adventure
Rock Creek Park

Hike: Easy, flat trail, 1 1/2 mile roundtrip loop.

When travelling East towards Silver Spring on East West Highway, take a right onto Beach Road. Drive past Woodbine Road, Leland Street, and the baseball fields. Turn into the parking lot on the left.

Box #1 - May

Walk on the dirt path that starts at the parking lot. Take the walking bridge over the creek. Follow the blue blazed trail past the two large beech trees with names etched into their trunks. When you get to a fallen beech tree with roots exposed on the left of the trail, stop. On your right you will see a large two trunked tree with a large branch perched between the two trunks. At this point in the trail take a right off of the trail and walk 30 steps to the beech tree. May - Kitty # 1 - is hiding at the base of this tree.

Box #2 - Coco

Continue on the trail until you get to a fork. Take the right fork and walk under the road bridge. You will be walking right along the creek. Walk across the foot bridge. At the other end of the foot bridge, continue forward on the trail for 81 steps. On your left you should see an elevated hill. Walk to the top of the hill. Look for a tree with the hollow stump next to it. Coco - Kitty #2 - is waiting for you inside there!