OwnerBasket Case    
Placed DateJan 13 2007
LocationCasey, IL
Found By old folks
Last Found May 19 2007
Hike Distance?

** UPDATE 7/10/2009: Thanks to Butterfly Jane for contacting me about adopting this box. It was assumed MIA for over 2 years and was actually introduced to her by Roy Tuttle who had been told where it was by someone who had located it quite some time ago. Thanks to Roy & Helen for helping us locate it again today so that we could re-list. These are awesome people & you should definitely stop by! **

Take me down to Moonshine,
where the weather’s always nice.
Order me a burger.
and a Coke without ice.

Tell me happy stories
‘bout those days so long ago
when people loved each other,
the extra mile they’d go.

If I could take ole Bernie,
if Bernie wasn’t gone.
Take him down to Moonshine,
And try a burger on.

Wouldn’t that be joyful,
such a happy day.
Head on down to Moonshine
and pass some time away.
- Roxy Jackson

A wide spot in the road in the SW corner of Clark County, Moonshine is the in spot for the elite to meet. You may need a compass, plat map and a little luck to find it, but she's worth the trip. Our local Weatherman, Robert Reese and CBS News Correspondent, Bill Geist, have even done stories about it.

Roy Lee and Helen Tuttle bought the old-time (circa 1912) country store in 1982 and promptly made it the best eating house in town - heck, it's the only building in town, unless you count the outhouse - and you had better count it. Aside from cold cut deli-style sandwiches, drinks and snacks, Moonshine is the home of the world-famous Moonburger.

The store guest-book has visitors from all 50 states and around the world. The visitors get a chance to enjoy hospitality and ambience from days gone by, no fancy menus or dinner tabs here, just give her your name when you order over the deli counter and pay as you leave. You can sit down on the inside benches or enjoy the picnic tables outside, right next to the kerosene pump.

They’re open Monday-Saturday, 6AM to 1PM, but the gill shuts off promptly at 12:30PM, so if you want to try a Moonburger, you’ll want to get there early.

You’ll want to continue east, approximately .3 miles, past Moonshine Country Store, go over the culvert and just as you pass an open field on your right, you’ll see a power pole labeled as BNA3-9 (do you suppose they meant LbNA??) Straight south of that pole (behind it) is a small wooded area where you’ll see a tree of triplets and where they meet is what you seek. Please be sure to wedge the box back into the tree and cover with sticks.

** NOTE: If you park directly in front of the power pole, there IS a ditch full of grass, so please watch your footing. It may be easier to enter by way of the cornfield where the ground is pretty level from the road, line up with the pole, then head into the woods. There also appear to be lots of old pipes and barbed wire from the previous fence that was there. Please be careful! **

This stamp will fit a logbook that is at least 3” wide. You’ll need to remember an ink pad and pen. Please be sure to re-hide this box carefully.

Good luck & happy hunting!