The Crying Lady  LbNA # 28368 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 20 2007
LocationAshland, KY
Found By IrishRef
Last Found Mar 6 2007
Hike Distance?

Begin your search at the Ashland Cemetery on Belmont St. Once inside locate the "Crying Lady Statue" This is a memorial statue (possibly made of bronze) of a woman seated and in mourning. At her feet is the resting place of Ferdinand and Elizabeth Fischer. The statue is said to be of Elizabeth who passed away years after Ferninand.
As you visit the site have a seat next to her and be sure to check for tears streaming from her hollowed eyes. Legend in the area is said that on certain occasions not only is this statue near impossible to find(as if it changes location), but once found you may notice actual "tears" falling from her eyes (and not just when it's raining)
Maybe this will be your chance to see them.

Now for the clues:
Stand directly behind the statue. Her back should be to your back. Look ahead and with your compass go 20 paces to the South. Now you should be between two trees and facing the road.

Notice the long road ahead of you. Walk to the end of the straight stretch and do not go around the curve. The Roberts Headstone should be to your right. At this point take a bearing of 220 degrees and take 15 paces. once here take a bearing directly west and walk 31 paces.

Now you should see a small path to your Left. At the beginning of the path take a bearing of 160 degrees and walk 5 paces. AS you turn to your left you should notice another small path. Follow this path for 14 paces and on the ground you should find rusted old barrels. The letterbox is hidden insdie these barrels. Please hide it back so it is not easily visible from either opening of the barrels.

There will be a homemade stamp coming soon, for now please use the one provided. Email me at if you have questions.
Good Luck.