LAX Viewing Letterbox  LbNA # 28392 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 21 2007
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLos Angeles, CA
Planted ByRainbow Sky    
Found By Lee & Nancy
Last Found Feb 17 2007
Hike Distance?

This is a site in relatively unvisited corner of a very busy part of Los Angeles. Some nearby sights are the Otis College of Art and Design (you might want to poke your head inside and see some of the student artwork), a large city recreation park with lots of activities, great beaches, and of course, the Los Angeles International Airport. To figure out the site, you'll have to figure out these street names based on the clues:

Street A: Street A is named "Blank" Parkway, where "Blank" is the name of the neighborhood in Los Angeles where this site is located.

Street B: Street B is named "Blank" Blvd, where "Blank" is the name of the Spanish founder of the Jesuit (Society of Jesus) religious order.

Street C: Street C is named "Blank" Blvd, where "Blank" is the Spanish translation of the word "scissor", so named since this street cuts across a wide area of Los Angeles.

To get to the site by car, the best parking is somewhere around the corner of Streets B and C. There isn't much parking around the actual site, but it's a short walk, so bring the kids. From the corner of Streets B and C, walk south on the east side of Street B counting trees from the corner. When you get to the 4th tree, follow any little path into the ice plants. The letterbox is under a little curtain of ice plant just east of the 4th tree that hangs against a chainlink fence. After visiting the letterbox (make sure to hide it well), it's highly recommended to keep walking a little ways to the corner of Streets A and B and cross to a small open area where you get great viewing of the working side of LAX. You can see planes being loaded, landing and taking off. The long haul Qantas flights to and from Australia are based right there, so it's great for all aviation fans. If you happen to be navigating from the corner of Streets A and B, you can get to the letterbox by walking north on the east side of Street B counting 12 trees to get to the letter box. Have fun and if it's good weather, bring your trunks and head for the beach after finding the letter box (it's only 8 minutes away -assuming you can find parking!)

Happy hunting!

I'm very sorry; this letterbox was stolen/removed/etc.